SunGrow 3 Handmade Brown Ceramic Shelters - Shrimp Habitat, Breeding Tube, Hiding cave - Hideaway Pipes Reduce Stress, Encourage spawning - Improves Tank Water Quality - Decorative Aquarium Accessory

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Brand: SunGrow


  • ✔ PERFECT BREEDING GROUND FOR SHRIMPS --- Bring home the perfect breeding ground for shrimps with this brown ceramic shelter. Once inside it, they remain undisturbed and relaxed which increases their breeding rate.
  • ✔ SECURE HIDEOUT FOR SHRIMPS --- The hollow space (0.6mm diameter each)serves as a secure hideout for shrimps and fish fry. The baby shrimps use these shelters for security while the adult shrimps use it for relaxation, privacy, and spawning.
  • ✔ IMPROVE WATER QUALITY FOR PETS --- Three ceramic shelters by SunGrow absorb all the harmful chemicals and toxins and prevent parasite growth, thereby improving the water quality. This, in turn, ensures that the shrimps and other aquatic pets get to live in cleaner water.
  • ✔ AESTHETIC SURROUNDINGS FOR AQUARIUM --- Create an aesthetic surrounding right inside your home aquarium by keeping these ceramic logs inside. The brown color of the ceramic contrasts amazingly with the various hues of greens of the aquarium.
  • ✔ ADD MOSS MAT ON LOGS TO MAKE THEM EVEN PRETTIER --- Stack them any way you want! Add a layer of moss mat on the logs to create a natural habitat. The moss mat also helps in keeping the shelter in place. You can wrap and decorate the ceramic shelter with aquarium plants and algae.

Publisher: Luffy Pets Collection

Details: SHRIMP SHELTERS, A POPULAR CHOICE SunGrow 3pcs. brown Ceramic Shelter is a safe, attractive, and most importantly, natural habitat, for your baby shrimps. It really gets people taking notice as they see how shrimps play inside-out in their cave thus, making it a popular choice for shrimp breeders and keepers.

IDEAL FOR MOLTING! For Shrimps, Molting is an important stage of lifecycle. During and after molting, they need a safe and quite place since their new skin is relatively soft and need time to harden. If they do not get perfect place, they become stuck in their old shell & perish. Not to worry, just install Ceramic Shelters in your shrimp tank and watch perfectly healthy growing shrimps. THIS CERAMIC LOGS HAVE CLEANING PROPERTIES AS WELL Ceramic is also known for its purifying abilities. it prevents parasite penetration and helps in removal of toxic organic substances and foul odor of the water. The finely crafted ceramic can absorb toxic chemicals, organic compounds and toxins including chlorides and chlorine.

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Package Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x 2.3 inches